Announcements (and thoughts on Fischer-Random)

It’s been quite awhile since my last update, so I decided I’d better check in.

My chess has been improving. My tactics rating on lichess is 2100+. Because of the (albeit limited) amount of game analysis from Chess Informant ( I have been able to do as of late, I have seen an increase in my playing strength and quite frankly more positive results than from any chess book I’ve ever studied.

In my last post, and I think in another post as well, I mentioned having attempted to switch over from to for streaming. That situation has now changed. apparently passed on approving me to be a listed streamer., however, has welcomed me back with open arms as a streamer. Therefore, I will be streaming on Twitch exclusively with

Another announcement: I am working on starting a new chess podcast. It will be called, of course, Journey Chess. Once I finish producing the first episode, I will make it available for download hopefully through iTunes, Stitcher, and a few other popular podcast sites. I am also working on a Patreon page for those who would like to support the podcast, blog, and Twitch stream. I will provide more information on this later.

Also, the first ever FIDE Fischer-Random Chess World Championship qualifiers are going on right now. I am considering entering the open, non-titled qualifiers. I know I would never be able to travel for the tournament should I advance, but it’s an historic moment in chess that I hate the idea of not participating in. As of this writing, I have read stories online of Grandmasters hanging pieces all over the place, not having theory to fall back on due to the random placement of the pieces in the opening position. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Fischer-Random (or Chess960, as it is sometimes called), but it’s hard to pass the opportunity to participate in some small way in the making of chess history.

I will find more time to post. I’m excited about the new podcast and Patreon opportunity. More information to come.

One thought on “Announcements (and thoughts on Fischer-Random)

  1. Yeah, it used to be a laugh back in the day of brick & mortar clubs, but nowadays everything’s online and it’s barely played. I like it, but my goal is to evolve Chess. A new piece has been the Holy Grail for centuries, so maybe my ‘Chesster’ will draw some crowds. Keep up the good work by the way!

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