GM Game Analysis (Post from the Road)

I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Magnolia, Texas on vacation with my wife. We are planning what to do since Tropical Storm Barry is threatening our ideas about traveling along the Gulf Coast to Pensacola and back. Looks like we will stay in Galveston for a couple of nights and see what happens with Barry before we decide to alter course.

I am posting a link to the study on where I will be sharing my studies of select grandmaster games in my choosing openings. So far, there is only the one, which features a variation in the Ruy Lopez. You can find the study here:

Also, I am deep into a study of IM John Watson’s excellent Mastering the Chess Openings: Volume 1. Check it out on Amazon here:
As a result of my work in this book so far, I will also be including examples of the Italian Game in the study, due to my fascination with a game from Watson’s book I studied last night. I feel Watson’s series will be great for helping me get a better understanding of opening play and truly begin my study of openings on the right foot.

I am also sticking with my “no play” decision. So far, so good. I find that I am enjoying a break from the stress involved with playing actual games and just enjoying the rigors and discoveries of serious study.

My next post will come in a day or so. It’s time to go for now, to beat the early evening traffic that is Houston, Texas.

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