Quick Update from the Road

I am at a hotel in Port Arthur, Texas. It looks like we will be be able to continue our trek eastward toward Pensacola tomorrow morning, as the interstate is open. Then, as we make our way back west, stop in New Orleans and spend a night or two there as planned, assuming any flood waters have receded by the time we get there.

I have been studying Mastering the Chess Openings by IM John Watson and it is explaining a few things that I have struggled to understand. I am also considering purchasing the Forward Chess edition of Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide by GM Mauricio Flores Rios because it will be a good companion text to Watson’s series on the openings. Also, Rios covers structures and ideas/plans/strategies in openings I am particularly interested in.

I still have not played a game of chess since I started my “no play” approach, although I admit to being tempted. I am thoroughly enjoying just throwing myself completely into the study of chess without the pressure of competitive play. I look forward to finding out how this may have helped me when I do decided to play again.

I’ll post more updates as I can from the road.

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