Twitch Streaming and

I am proud to announce that I have launched my new website: There, you will find my streaming schedule, be able to watch my live streams directly on the website, donate to the stream, view videos from my YouTube channel, and purchase official journeychess and #WePlayinChess merchandise to support the stream. Also, all donations made between now and Christmas Day 2019 will be given to the “200,000 Reasons” initiative — a mission of the Arkansas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to end child hunger in Arkansas.

I have decided that, not only am I going to take my chess improvement seriously, but that I am also going to take my Twitch channel seriously. My hope is that I can reach new viewers, provide better content that will be helpful to other improving players, and help develop the online community of chess players all over the world.

And don’t worry — I will still be keeping my blog active right here at In fact, I will soon be adding game analysis as a regular feature of the blog. So stay tuned and go visit!

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